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A large office space with several employees sitting at tables and working on computers
Want to provide a superior experience to guests, increase productivity for your cleaning staff and manage your bottom line? Scott® Pro Solutions offer innovative systems and products designed to improve your washroom for exceptional results.

Scott® Pro Hard Roll Towels

Hygiene for Any Location

This efficient Hard Roll Towel system includes a high-capacity 305m towel. Plus, Airflex technology offers better absorbency and reduce towel waste.

Scott® Pro Multifold Towels & Dispensers

Increase User Satisfaction, Decrease Costs

This system delivers a soft one-ply towel with 250 sheets per pack. Made with Airflex highly absorbent fabric which can absorb more water from hands and help reduce towel waste.

Scott® Pro Skin Care

Healthy Hands, Healthy Workers.

This easy-to-load, hygienic, enclosed system offers a high capacity 1.0L cassette. The Foam Skin Cleanser with Moisturisers delivers a superior hand hygiene experience and provides a rich, creamy lather.